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Spending the day on errands and in the back yard.  Cleaned up the patio.  Hubby is finishing off the heavy lifting of pots filled with dirt.  Bringing out the patio furniture is next!  Soon I’ll be all set for some plein air rug hooking! :)

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Photo Day Success!

I did manage to do some photographing of wall hangings yesterday.  Still editing them to card quality status, but they were taken.  Today they are up for sale on the blog.  Let me know if you want any of them.  They look much nicer in person than in my photos!

I also managed to mail a parcel of rug hooking wool off to a lady.  No rug hooking done though.  And probably not today.

Today is gym, tutoring, and then company.  In between all that I have to do laundry.  Maybe next week…

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Photo Day!

WIP-CS-4It was too windy yesterday for outdoor photos, but today is looking lovely!  I’ll be doing the photo shot this afternoon, after the sun goes round the other side of the house.

I finished the above wall hanging yesterday.  I also was able to prepare and order and will send it off this morning.

Today’s goal…photography.  I have some wall hangings back logged for photos for my portfolio. :)

Also, if I have time, another wall hanging to hook.

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Up and at ’em!

My efforts yesterday were hampered by a 4 hour nap!  I’ve never done that before!  However today I’m up and out of the starting gate. 

Yesterday I did hear from a lady who needs help colour planning her first rug.  She had taken a class at rug camp. Apparently they didn’t color plan first. It will be interesting to see what she brings to show me when she comes to town next. 

Today’s activities definitely include hooking and photography. Time to post some things on Etsy.  

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Crabapple Spring

WIP-CS-2Spent some time hooking a Crabapple Spring wall hanging yesterday.  Also prepared wall hangings for Dimensions 2015. 

I have photographed the remaining swatches and posted them for sale on the blog.  Will work on putting them on Etsy later today and this week.  There is a nice dark loden green with a white stripe in it, and a nice green, black, white and red plaid.  Beautiful stuff! :)  There are also a couple of striped fabrics I’m thinking I might try overdyeing to see how they fare.

I badly need to get outside to do some photography of my wall hangings. It’s a bit windy right now, but hopefully it will calm down later this afternoon.

Once I get the photos taken I can finish loading to Etsy and the blog for sale.

What’s the weather like where you are?  Anyone going to be out in it to take advantage of it?  I hear it’s supposed to be 20 C here today. I’m planning on taking advantage of it. 😊

psw 068 - 25 swatches

psw 068 – 25 swatches

psw 067 - 4 swatches

psw 067 – 4 swatches

psw 066 - 4 swatches

psw 066 – 4 swatches

psw 065 - 12 swatches

psw 065 – 12 swatches

psw 064 - 16 swatches

psw 064 – 16 swatches

psw 063 - 15 swatches

psw 063 – 15 swatches

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In my studio this week

WIP-Crabapple-SpringLots to do and catch up on.  I want to do some hooking this week! :)

  • photograph wall hangings that have not already been photographed,
  • make sure I have everything all set to go to Dimensions 2015,
  • hook some small wall hangings for sale,
  • tag and list rest of swatches on Etsy and blog,
  • upload April e-pattern of the month on Etsy,
  • plan some larger format wall hangings.
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Week in Review – Confession Time

Have you ever let yourself be distracted by something?  I did not accomplish much in the rug hooking end of things this past week.  I hooked a few loops on a 6″ wall hanging and that was it.

living-room-wallI did, however, have company till Tuesday.  And Hubby and I re-arranged the living room and hallway Tuesday afternoon.  See that big blank wall in the photo?  That’s my blank canvas for hanging some of my hooked wall hangings.

Wednesday I had gym, and spent the afternoon planning a trip to a nearby province in June.  That was when I thought I’d better pull out the stamp collection and dust it off before selling it.  That proved a mistake from the point of view of getting any rug hooking done!  I also prepared for a friend’s birthday party and went to the party in the evening.

Thursday I sent hubby to pick up some stamp stock pages for me so I could at least organize the stamps before selling them.  What I thought would be a one hour job has taken six so far.   There are a lot of them!

Friday was gym day, lunch out with friends, and a surprise.  I forgot I was going to be tutoring in the afternoon.  My student showed up with her daughter in tow…no school last week.  I decided to make it a light lesson.  We went to a nearby church rummage sale, as she had never heard of them.  Came back and let her daughter play an ESL app on my iPad called Opposites while I listened to her read and corrected pronunciation.  Had a nap and worked on those stamps until Hubby came home.

We decided to go out to a buffet for supper.  One of our meals was free.  Went for a walk afterwards and spent the rest of the evening napping.  I must have been tired, because I woke up from the nap around 10 PM, worked on the stamps and hour or two, and then slept a full eight hours!!!  Feeling much better today.

Hopefully next week I will accomplish more on the rug hooking end of things.

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