Saturday Review


This is the current state of my studio.  Looks like I’m in for a clean up day again!  After some hooking…

Let’s see if I can do a better review this week than last!

My big achievement this week was turning up mailing tubes for my wall hangings for Dimensions 2015.  I found one in my stash from last year, and after considerable phoning, driving, and inquiring, found another one for the second wall hanging.

I also hooked some on my 12″ paisley Prairie Sky.  Still trying to think of a name for it.  Any ideas anyone?

I picked out a new colour for the fish mouth in Goldfish.  I’ll try it next week and see what I think.

I finished my business plan collage from The Right-Brain Business Plan.  Next up is to turn it into a real business plan…like an ink and paper thing.  Hubby thinks it’s a little “weak” and “fuzzy”.  Hmm…I listen to him in things like this.  He’s done something similar for a public organization where he works.

I went to an Etsy 101 workshop and spent a lot of time uploading new listings on Etsy this week.

And I updated my For Sale page on this blog.  I still have more to go, but it can wait till next week.

I finished off four of the e-patterns-of-the-month sample wall hangings.

I found out how to take good photos of my wall hangings…and tried it out.  Looks good so far.

I took a friend to an art show closing and talk. We had a good time and enjoyed the art.

I did the finishing on Okra.

Next week…well…I want to work more on the paisley Prairie Sky and hopefully finish it.  I’d also like to post more of my small wall hangings and swatches on Etsy.  Other than that, it’s going to be a busy week because it’s Easter and we’ll have company again.  So maybe I won’t plan to do as much as I normally do.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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Mailing Tube Heaven?


Well it took all morning yesterday to find a mailing tube to fit my rug!  We finally found one at Shippers Supply on Park St. in Regina.  It was just over $6 and the shipping is free.  Big thanks to Shippers Supply, and the people from the Saskatchewan Crafts Council in Saskatoon who come down the highway and pick up for us. :) Thanks to them my shippig costs will be a total of $6 for the shipping tube.

I ended up on several phone calls in the afternoon and did not accomplish much hooking. I did, however, manage to start hooking the sky in the 12″ Prairie Sky wall hanging.   I also managed to post some Prairie Sky wall hangings to Etsy and to my For Sale section of this website.  I also removed some that sold.

I posted several links on the JLT Studios Facebook page.  These are primarily of interest to other artists, but also some for people interested in buying or just looking at art.

Gardenscape is on in Saskatoon this weekend folks.  Some juried artists from the Saskatchewan Craft Council will be there with their work.  Keep an eye out for Monika Kinner-Whalen and her embroidered photographs.

On the local news front, I missed the opening of Joe Fafard’s show at the Slate Gallery in Regina last night.  Very frustrating.  But I will make it to the show itself next month.


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More Prairie Skies on Etsy

PS-diamonds-14I added five more Prairie Sky wall hangings on Etsy this morning.  Keep your eyes peeled for more next week.

I finished four of my e-pattern of the month sample wall hangings yesterday.  And hooked some on the 12″x12″ Prairie Sky.  I’m going to have to think of a unique name for this one.  I have no idea!  It is definitely a paisley sky…lots of big paisleys.  Maybe something to do with that.  I am surprisingly non-adept at naming my artwork.

What do you think I should name it?  Any ideas?  Please excuse the dreadful photo. :(


Today’s goal is to work on the 12″ square Prairie Sky and to hunt up a mailing tube to fit the large Prairie Sky for Dimensions 2015.  I also want to list the Prairie Sky wall hangings here on my website. :)

PS-OC-11 PS-OC-3 PS-diamonds-12 PS-diamonds-11

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Prairie Sky revisited


Posted some more Prairie Sky wall hangings on Etsy in my shop. 

 I think I’ve finished my business plan.  It’s huge, and hilarious.  I really should stick to the normal left-brain way to do things – more space efficient – but not near as much fun! :)

I also attached the hanging sleeve to Okra yesterday. 

 Funny thing happened.  The second mailing tube arrived from Staples…four days after the first, even though I ordered them together.  Neither is a big enough diameter.  So tomorrow I will be out hunting for a 4″ diameter or a square mailing tube. 

 Today’s activities?  

I’m preparing for Join the Thread now. I’m hooking the 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky wall hanging.  Today is the day I decide what I’m going to do in the sky.  Do I go for realistic or stylized?  I think stylized, as those are the ones that sell best and people seem to like them.  The question then becomes: diamond, paisley, circles, or overlapping circles?  I’m thinking paisley.  I love paisley.  Nice big paisley… :)

I will be hemming some small e-pattern rugettes too. 

 Also, check my Etsy shop for more swatches. :)


PS-diamonds-3 PS-C-11 PS-C-2 PS---Paisley-11

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Slow as a turtle


Didn’t do anything yesterday but work on my business plan collage.  The number crunching made me light headed. :(

I found an old mailing tube to recycle and mail one of my rugs in.  Now I need to find a 36″ mailing tube for the other.  I am going out to look this week…after it stops snowing.

I uploaded five different plaid swatches on Etsy.  I’m posting the ones with more than ten swatches per plaid.   That makes it easier for people to purchase them and for me to track inventory.  I will gradually list more this week.  I will only list a few plaids to see how they do before listing everything.

Today I want to sew the hanging sleeve for Okra and attach it.  And hook more on the 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky.  Maybe work more on the business plan.  It’s a lengthy process.


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Monday Meanderings

spring-fabricsIt must be spring!  I’m a bit excited and addled.  It occurred to me as I re-read my “Saturday Review” that it was not much of a review!  Informative, yes, a review, no.  So here’s the overall lowdown.

Last week was a good week in a lot of ways.  I was able to network with a lot of different people.  I enjoy that part of being an artist.  I also enjoy creating.  I do not enjoy the business part so much, but I am learning to.  I love the challenge it presents, and I keep trying to think analytically about things to try, how to price and sell my work.  I guess what I have the most difficulty with is actually dealing with the numbers.

  • I was able to fold my greeting cards.  
  • I did hem Okra and finish off Prairie Sunset.  
  • I tried to buy mailing tubes the right size for my Dimensions 2015 entries, but came up empty handed.  Apparently Staples is sold out of the size I need.  
  • I was able to send four small wall hangings “On Approval” to another area of the province.  
  • I hooked some on Goldfish, and 
  • started a 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging. 

 This past weekend I spent more time on my business plan.  It is taking on a life of its own!  I split my expenses and income into different categories and recorded them on different colour tags to hang from my business collage.  I added all kinds of information to the collage itself.  It’s growing crowded. 

 I also spent time at an Etsy 101 workshop put on by Etsy Saskatchewan.  In the process I learned a bit about Instagram.  Now to put what I learned into practice, and still make time to hook wall hangings. 

 Sunday I attended the closing of Moved by the Spirit with a friend.  It was held at the Luther College Chapel at the University of Regina.  Some very nice works there.  I especially liked Louise Tessier’s Garden Way of the Cross, Peace Be With You by Roberto Lopez Lopez, and The Ascension by Jenny Ward. On my plate this week is:

  • the 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging,
  • the business plan,
  • uploading some swatches to Etsy,
  • finding a CARFAC member to sign my Certificate of Origin forms for Sauder Village,
  • figure out the necessary lamp arrangement for taking photos of my work for my portfolio.

Good news!  The small Prairie Sky wall hangings my friend took on approval all sold!  😊 

Now onto that 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky.


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Saturday Review

I decided to play hooky yesterday.  A friend and I went on an Art Walk to about 5 or 6 art galleries in town, just checking out what they had on the walls.  We saw some nice art – Joe Fafard, Martha Cole, Laureen Marchand, Joe Cicansky, Rod Charlesworth, etc.  All great inspiration. 

 I had a chat with a few of the gallery owners and people staffing the galleries.  Turned out one lady had bought one of my pieces.  She seemed to be under the impression I did not hook anything bigger than my 6″ x 6″ wall hangings.  I remedied that impression right away. 

 We had afternoon tea at Henry’s Café after touring the Ripplinger Art Gallery.  Great ambiance and food.  My guest was happy to find another place to take her friends for coffee. 

 While we were out we wandered into the Art Gallery of Regina.  Their annual show is on.  I decided to take out a membership in the gallery and see what was on offer throughout the year.  Their newsletter is chock full of information on the arts scene in Regina.  I am fleshing out my schedule quite a bit! 

 All in all, not a bad day.  I came home and made notes on the different galleries and what each of them had said about fibre arts/artists. 

 Today’s activity is another Etsy workshop.  This time put on by Etsy Saskatchewan.

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